Latin and Greek

The Classics Department offers a full program of study in both Latin and Greek that enables students to immerse themselves in the fascinating and wide-ranging literatures and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

About Our Language Classes

Our one- and two-term introductory sequences give a rapid overview of language basics that provides a solid foundation for further study while also satisfying Dartmouth’s language requirement. More advanced courses offer opportunities to study the full range of Greek and Roman literatures and cultures, including, but not limited to, epic and lyric poetry, history, drama, philosophy, oratory, New Testament Greek, and medieval Latin.

Latin & Greek Study Center

The Latin & Greek Study center is for those students who need help with their Latin & Greek skills, want to talk about Latin or Greek with other students, or just want a quiet place to study the ancient languages. An upper level student will always be available for assistance with Latin & Greek. The Study Center is open during the Fall, Winter and Spring terms, Sunday - Thursday nights, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., in Reed Hall.