Welcome to our newest students!

The Department of Classics is delighted to welcome you to Dartmouth. We offer a wide range of courses on ancient Greece and Rome, including courses in literature (in English and in the original languages), philosophy, history, and archaeology as well as introductory to advanced courses in Greek and Latin. The department also sponsors two Foreign Study Programs, one in Greece and one in Italy.

We work closely with our students in improving their skillsets so that they develop their intellectual potential to its fullest. Most of our classes are small (25 or fewer), and we are committed to providing the sort of intensive faculty-student engagement for which Dartmouth is renowned.

The study of Classics can be an ideal undergraduate liberal arts program for individuals preparing for careers in a wide variety of professions. Employers and professional programs are often eager to recruit recent Classics graduates because of their rigorous training and proven ability in the areas of independent research, logical thinking, and communication skills.